We have all seen it before. The brand new shiny luxury automobile cruising through some kind of a-typical terrain cutting to shots of a smooth, spacious, quiet interior. While lacking any major creativity, they seem to get their point across. We usually get a snapshot of the performance of the car, (whether that’s done via statistics on horsepower, reliability, or gas mileage), a thorough view of both the interior and exterior, along with an idea of price. Sounds logical? Right?

So what’s all this buzz about companies like Audi breaking the mold? If you’ve been paying attention you’ve noticed that the actual vehicle being advertised in their latest commercials seems to take a backseat to the message and brand personification.

Memories come to mind of Best Buy’s transition from advertising specific products, to building a successful integrated marketing campaign that focused on the experience of the stores themselves, a move which seemed to begin the death of competitors like Circuit City and Ultimate Electronics.

Audi’s recent “Goodnight Moon” commercial created by Venables Bell & Partners focuses on showing an alternative form of luxury to it’s consumers. One filled with innovation, style, and a modern touch. Audi is selling a lifestyle here, a personality even, appealing to a generation striving to stay young forever, a crowd that wants to show off their success, but has no desire to do it in the way their parents did. And of course we can’t forget the ballsy, but intriguing shot at Mercedes.

Keep your eye on Audi. Between their unique approach to their commercials and branding, to their well managed social media presence, I think we will be seeing a lot more of them.